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OLED OpenXenium Arduinium Modchip - BLUE

OLED OpenXenium Arduinium Modchip - BLUE

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The Arduinium by GJM modz is a re-imagining of the OpenXenium modchip with built in connectivity to the popular Newhaven OLED. This dual layer design offers the same footprint as the original Open Xenium Modchip with the added benefit of a plug and play solution to adding an OLED screen to your Xbox.  It all comes pre-programmed with a usable 1MB of flash memory.  These are limited stock at the moment, but more parts are on the way.


Arduinium Chip

2 X 7 Pin Header

4 Pin Wire Harness

1 Daughterboard


***Newhaven OLED not included. ***

Compatibly List:

Character OLED; 4x20; 920x31.5; 4/8-bit; SPI; I2C





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